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The difference a talent management platform can make

Expectations of workforces are changing as a result of seismic shifts in working patterns. A recent global study revealed that around 40% of workers plan to leave their current employer within the year.

Losing talent, as well as each poor hire, can end up costing a company thousands of dollars. It can also have a long term impact on an organisation in terms of succession planning and knowledge drain. But leading companies are increasingly making use of talent analytics and digital talent management tools to develop focused talent strategies to help mitigate that talent loss and build overall talent potential.

The difference the right talent management solution makes is that leaders and HR decision-makers can make better, proactive decisions with talent analytics. With insights into their talent pool, they can assess overall organisational strengths and challenges, develop effective employee engagement and retention strategies, hire better and faster, build stronger teams, identify future leaders, and ultimately, become employers of choice.

Make better data-driven HR decisions

Make better data-driven HR decisions

Recruitment & hiring
Downsizing & restructuring
Career development planning
Promoting wellness & motivation
Talent retention
Team building
Succession planning
Leadership selection
Creating effective project teams

“Both our owner and CEO of the company sees Catalyst like a crystal ball. It helps them understand the people that they work with or are going to recruit, therefore allowing them to align the right job or task to the right people within the organization.”

Director of Operations,
Silverlake Innovation Partners Sdn. Bhd.

What is Catalyst?

EPITOME Catalyst is a HR toolkit of career profiling questionnaires and interactive talent analytics dashboards that help you understand what is happening with the talent in your organisation.

EPITOME Catalyst is a HR toolkit of career profiling questionnaires and interactive talent analytics dashboards that help you understand what is happening with the talent in your organisation.


Gauge motivation

The Catalyst Engage dashboard gives both global and granular at-a-glance insight into the motivation levels and factors for your employees. Drill down to assess exactly where and how motivation is impacting your organisation the most. The Catalyst Values Profiling uses multi-faceted criteria based on established academic research into organisational health.

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Catalyst recruit dashboard

Find your top candidates

The Catalyst Recruit dashboard enables you to compare your top candidates for a job role using Catalyst Career Profiling data. Look beyond CVs and qualifications to find the right person for your most critical roles. Catalyst Recruit even allows you to see how aligned a candidate is to multiple roles.

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Catalyst recruit dashboard

See what drives performance

The degree of match between the work environment and employees’ underlying motivations and values is a major factor driving company performance. The Catalyst Engage dashboard indicates areas of strength as well as areas of possible weakness for your entire organisation.

Group dynamics dashboard illustration

Build effective teams

Sometimes the ‘chemistry’ behind your top performing teams goes beyond technical skills and functional roles. The Catalyst Engage dashboard helps you decide which combination of people will work best for a given team or a specific project, based on their mindset, established through Catalyst Profiling data. For executive leaders, Engage provides a breakdown of how balanced your entire organisation is.

Group dynamics dashboard illustration

Help people grow

Catalyst Profiling has its roots in established career theories and organisational psychology. The Catalyst Profiling tools provide each candidate with invaluable feedback on their career alignment and motivations. Through better understanding themselves, employees will be more likely to pursue focused career paths, and see exactly how they contribute to their teams and company.

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350,000 candidates worldwide have already optimised their career plans and improved their employability using professional career services powered by Catalyst.

Use Catalyst to power your career development or career counselling services. Get Certified Specialist Career Coaching dashboards with our Catalyst Professional Certification Programme for your coaching or HR professionals. Used by leading career services and government agencies.

Want to learn more about Catalyst?

Want to learn more about Catalyst?

“Discovering Catalyst for the first time was akin to opening a box of chocolates: everyone has their quirks and specialty. Just like we can’t judge a chocolate by its looks as there are various layers which make it unique, Catalyst helps us to understand and empathize with others as well as allowing the individuals to reach their true potential.”

Career Consultant,
Professional Leading Career Sdn. Bhd.

Watch Anette Jonson, Organisational Scientist at EPITOME, give a tour of the Catalyst Engage dashboard, showcasing how Catalyst offers deep insights into a company's workforce.

The Catalyst Profiling toolkit

The Catalyst Profiling toolkit

The Catalyst Profiling toolkit is based on decades of research into how personality and career interests lead people into fulfilling, productive and meaningful career paths. The EPITOME Research team is composed of organisational scientists, statisticians and academic researchers who help us create psychometric and competency-based assessments for the modern workforce.

The Catalyst Profiling toolkit is based on decades of research into how personality and career interests lead people into fulfilling, productive and meaningful career paths. The EPITOME Research team is composed of organisational scientists, statisticians and academic researchers who help us create psychometric and competency-based assessments for the modern workforce.

Catalyst Interest Profile

The Catalyst Interest Profile focuses on areas of interest, motivation and work task preference. It maps an individual’s vocational interest and can match them to career pathways.

Catalyst Preference Profile

The Catalyst Preference Profile provides information about an individual’s strengths, personality-based motivations, challenges and stress factors. It maps an individual’s preferred work environment in which they are most likely to thrive.

Catalyst Values Profile

The Catalyst Values Profile helps the individual to reflect on what is important for them, both at work and in a personal setting. It maps an individual’s work values and identifies what they need to focus on to be more resilient and to better handle stress.

How the profiling assessment works

Candidates complete the career discovery assessment online using a link sent to their email address. The assessment takes about 30 minutes. After completing their assessment, their Catalyst Profile is collated with the rest of their team and compiled into the interactive dashboards, Catalyst Engage or Catalyst Recruit (for hiring managers). Optionally, candidates can receive a personalised report in PDF format.

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“If I had known Catalyst 30 years back, I would have gained a lot more mileage from my years in leading team members and working with extended teams.”

General Manager,
Professional Leading Career Sdn. Bhd.

Research Leadership Team


What makes the Catalyst Profiling tool unique?

A lot of profiling tools in the market today promise to measure a large variety of constructs and factors. To ensure high validity the Catalyst profiling tool is built of three individual psychometric tool that measure three different constructs: (i) Vocational interest, (ii) Work preference and (ii) Work & Life values. Then it combines the results of these three profiles to create an clearer picture of a person, providing a holistic view of the individual to build a solid career narrative that accurately depicts their overall congruence within their chosen field.

Do I need training to use Catalyst?

No, you don’t. Catalyst dashboards are easy to use and supported by online user guides that explain what each dashboard shows and what it could mean for your organisation.

If you want to get more out Catalyst and get access to detailed breakdowns of individual profiling results for in-depth career counselling or coaching, we offer Catalyst Professional Certification training and specialist Catalyst dashboards as part of our Catalyst Pro package for HR professionals. Contact for more information about Catalyst Pro.

Do I need to install software to use Catalyst?

No. Catalyst uses cloud-based services. All you need is your login credentials to begin using Catalyst.

Is Catalyst expensive?

No, it isn’t. We make Catalyst affordable so that even small to medium sized organisations can manage their talent. Contact our sales team ( for pricing details for your country or region.

What's the setup process to get started with Catalyst?

Once you have made your payment for your license package, submit your initial batch of users our support team will guide you through the rest of the set up. It’s that easy.

Is Catalyst available in my country?

Catalyst is available globally. We currently accept payments by credit card in Singapore dollars, Malaysian ringgit and US dollars. Speak to our sales team ( if you would like to know more.

Can I add more users to my package later?

Yes, you can. You can update your package at any time to add more users.

Can I use Catalyst for my career coaching program?

Absolutely. EPITOME offers a full training program and certification for career guidance specialists and career counsellors. Speak to our sales team ( for more information about the Catalyst Professional Certification program and in-depth specialist dashboards for career services.

What kinds of candidate questionnaires are available in Catalyst?

The core questionnaires in Catalyst provide a detailed picture of each candidate’s career preference and motivational factors. We also have a modular library of optional assessments covering employability, entrepreneurship, and skills and competency assessments. Talk to our sales teams ( to find out the latest offerings.

How do I pay for Catalyst?

We accept payment by credit cards using our secure online payment portal. Packages include licenses for the number of users plus a one-time dashboard set up fee. Talk to our sales team ( for a free consultation session and obligation-free quotation.

Is Catalyst secure?

Yes. Catalyst is hosted on Microsoft Azure, using the latest cloud computing data security technology.

Do candidates see their Catalyst Profiling results?

Detailed personal reports in PDF format are available for each candidate. If you prefer candidates not see their results, that is also possible.

Can candidates retake their Catalyst Profiling assessments?

Yes, they can. If you prefer that your candidates only take the assessment once, we can configure Catalyst accordingly.

What's the difference between Catalyst Recruit and Catalyst Engage?

Catalyst Recruit has a dedicated dashboard that helps you filter, compare and select candidates for job roles, based on your job descriptions, using Catalyst Profiling data. Catalyst Recruit is ideal for hiring managers and recruiters.

Catalyst Engage has its own dedicated dashboard providing in-depth insight into your current talent pool. Catalyst Engage is designed for use by leaders and HR decision-makers.


Here are just some of the organisations powering their talent management with Catalyst.



Catalyst Recruit

Make better hiring decisions

  • Catalyst Recruit dashboard
  • Evaluate up to 30 candidate profiles for each job position with custom job role profile matching
  • Free one-hour orientation session
  • Optional individual candidate Catalyst Profiling Reports
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Catalyst Engage

Get deep insights into your talent pool

  • Catalyst Engage dashboards
  • Tiered packages based on the number of user profiles you need
  • Free one-hour orientation session
  • Optional individual candidate Catalyst Profiling Reports available
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Catalyst Complete

A comprehensive talent management and hiring solution

  • Get both Catalyst Engage and Catalyst Recruit with tiered pricing available based on the number of candidates and users
  • Free one-hour orientation session
  • Optional individual candidate Catalyst Profiling reports available
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Join leading organisations who are using Catalyst to power their talent management.

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Hear more from people we've helped

With our mission to nudge companies to rethink hiring so that we can broaden the talent pool in Singapore as well as fight biases in the workplace, we couldn’t have found a better partner than EPITOME. Their platform helps people see individual talents the way they are and allows companies to find the right fit beyond the standard outdated measures of what talent should be.

Martin TanCEO, Majurity Trust

It is important that we be able to assess and understand our jobseekers holistically in order to design effective career coaching and career counselling interventions. The profiling services dovetail with our current career development approach and allow us to approach interventions from a multi-angled perspective compared to other solutions which only offer one or two at most.

Jeremiah WongWSG Manager, Career Services Division

Through the team mapping exercise, we identified key gaps in roles needed as a collective leadership team that were missing from the Founders. We made a senior hiring decision to close this gap and distributed responsibilities among the founders based on
our secondary preferences.

Azran Osman-RaniCEO, Naluri

The results and findings on individuals in the four teams outlined key metrics around their aspirations, motivations and concerns. This allowed for our Human Capital team to address concerns and, in some cases, extend counselling to affected individuals, mitigating
staff turnover and adverse sentiments.

Nizam Bin Mohamed NadzriCEO, Malaysia Debt Ventures Berhad

The career profiling tools gave us accurate and immediate insight into how we were aligned as an organisation as well as identifying the strengths of people in our unique program. We could also see the challenges some individuals were facing and were able to intervene effectively. As an onboarding tool, it really helped us find the optimal roles for new staff and motivate them.

Kay VaseyFounder and Chief Connecting Officer, The Meshminds Foundation


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